Shakti Film Festival

SHAKTI Society is a non-profit society committed to empowering women, families and children through community forums, Shakti Awards, annual wellness days and other activities. Its mandate is to support all members of society, especially women, in finding their power and voice to become strong leaders and advocates for themselves and the community. It has introduced various initiatives that help ‘awaken the power within’ and create dialogue around feminism and gender equality. The Shakti Film Festival is its latest undertaking in its mission to increase and acknowledge women’s contribution to our society and their representation in film.

Shakti Society has addressed the influence of media and films on violence against women and we will be focusing and promoting films that showcase women in strong roles as well as filmmakers who are often marginalized due to various barriers, like race, colour, finances, language, disability, sexual orientation and various health issues including mental health.

Due to the current pandemic it will be hosting our inaugural film festival in a digital format where films will be screened over two days, October 10 and 11, in honour of the International Day of the Girl Child. We will be inviting film and media personalities as well as community leaders to engage in action oriented discussions about the role that media plays in shaping society and how we as consumers of media also play a big part in creating our culture.

This year’s program is set for October 10-11 and will consist of films that will include:

1 feature film- 60 mins or longer

1 documentary film – 45 min or longer

1 short film – up to 20 mins

1 student film – up to 8 mins

People of all genders are welcome to submit their films as long as a woman holds one of the following positions within the filmmaking team: Director, Writer, Cinematographer or Producer.

Films must fall within one of the following themes:

· Violence Against Women

· Political Participation of Women

· Women and Environmental Challenges

· Race, Gender, Identity

· Men and Boys as Allies

Submission deadline is September 30th, 2020.

Awards & Prizes

Best Film – $100

Best Student Film – $100

Best Documentary Film – $100

Best Short Film – $100

For more information or sponsorship enquiries, Sonia at 604-307-8796, Alison at 778-896-0294 or Niti at 604-506-0953 or email

Films can be submitted at