FRIDAY EVENT: Sher-E-Punjab Radio issues pledge: “Come and participate, leave a hero”

WITH a new year, Sher-E-Punjab Radio, leader of Dastar Celebration, has announced it’s 12th annual turban tying free event at Surrey’s Grand Taj Banquet Hall at 12 p.m. on Friday, April 18.

After 11 fantastic years of unparalleled success, they have packed this special event with more excitement. This year, you will still see your favourite elements of the Dastar (turban) Celebration with a world class production, the hosts of Sher-E-Punjab Radio, community leaders, Sher Icons, and an exclusive slice of North Indian entertainment. Their mission of cultural arts promotion and positive image remain strong, and they are proud to make this event even more successful this year.

They look forward to continuing their great relationships with sponsors, press, and all of their fans. The team at Sher-E-Punjab Radio say they are committed to making this year’s production one that goes down in history.

“Every year the event keeps growing” says Ajit Singh Badh, CEO of Sher-E-Punjab Radio. “This is an event where everyone can leave feeling stronger and attached to their culture and being a part of the Canadian fabric.”

Anyone interested in getting involved as a sponsor, member of the team, volunteer, or to compete should contact 604-271-1550 or at