Sidak leadership retreat at Khalsa Centre Mission, Sikh summer camp in Surrey

SIDAK is a distinctive leadership development program offered by SikhRI for young adults seeking to increase their commitment towards the Sikh faith. It is a two-week intensive immersion in Sikh culture, language, values and community through understanding bani (scripture), tvarikh (history), and rahit (discipline).

Sidak 2014’s location this year is Khalsa Centre Mission in B.C. from July 27 to August 9.
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In addition to four tracks, sessions on leadership development and community building that serve as the key foundations for Sidak, they will be introducing sessions on Gurmat Sangeet.

This year they are introducing a fourth track: “Gurmukhi 101” – An introduction to the Gurmukhi alphabet and related elementary language skills. This track attempts to develop basic Panjabi language comprehension vis-a-vis reading, writing and speaking through practical sessions with the help of familiar and easy to understand Panjabi or Gurbani text.

Experienced SikhRI staff and the board members facilitate these tracks and sessions: Harinder Singh, Surender Pal Singh, Inderpreet Singh, I.J. Singh and Kulvir Singh Gill.

Each instructor brings his or her own experiences, education and passions to the classroom sessions. The bonds that the Sidakers form with their instructors and other learners will inspire them towards life-long education and activism long after the program ends.

For more information on specific tracks, leadership sessions, and enrollment process, visit:

Program Fee: $850 (includes lodging and food). Contact:

Sikh Summer Camp: July 21-25 at Surrey

Daily program at this Sikh camp will feature a daily diwan, group activities, sports and fun-filled learning classes. The sessions at the summer camp for Sikh kids will be focusing on gurmat, journey through time; vismad, kirtan, creative arts workshop, gatka, and team building activities that seek to inspire the Sikh values. Other principles of universal significance are also incorporated in the Sikh camp that do not disturb the harmony of the Sikh faith. This is a wonderful opportunity for Sikh kids to make new friends and attend a summer day camp.

When: July 21-25, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. daily
Where: Khalsa School – Newton Campus, Surrey.
Theme: Guru Nanak Sahib Ji
Participants: Children ages 5-16
Donations / Costs: $250 or get the early bird discount: register by June 21: $225 for the first child; $175/child for additional children in same family

SikhRi is a non-profit organization and is committed to providing Sikh kids with a fun learning environment. They provide kids with nutritional snacks and meals during the camp hours. To offset the cost of the camp, donations are suggested.

Email or call 604-505-0502.

This Sikh Camp is supported by volunteers who are passionate about Sikhi and Sikh kids. If you want to have fun this summer, consider volunteering.