Sims calls on Feds to help fund more police in Surrey

simsA broken Conservative promise to put 2,500 more police on Canadian streets is negatively effecting Surrey’s ability to fund an adequate force, according to local New Democrat MP Jinny Sims.

“Stephen Harper looked us in the eye and promised more frontline officers,” said Sims. “It’s time for his government to finally deliver the help we need to keep our community safe.”

The Conservatives’ 2006 election platform committed to “hiring more front-line enforcement personnel, including filling 1,000 RCMP positions” and working with local communities “to put at least 2,500 more police on the beat”.

“Seven years later and no action from this Conservative government,” said Sims. “They talk about being tough on crime, but talk is cheap.”

Surrey’s murder-rate hit a record-breaking 25 homicides in 2013, including the recent brutal beating death of a hockey mom outside a Newton arena. Local residents and municipal leaders have called for a more visible police presence to help combat the violence.

“Policing is the key to deterring and preventing crime,” noted Sims. “Our growing community needs more resources to keep up—and the federal government should be a partner like they promised to be.”

Sims also repeated the NDP call for a National Youth Safety Strategy to prevent crime and develop strong youth leaders by supporting proven local initiatives.