Sons conspire with tantrik, kill Maharashtra woman for wealth

Nashik (Maharashtra) (IANS): In a shocking incident of alleged human sacrifice to propitiate the gods for money and happiness, two brothers conspired with a woman tantrik to torture and kill their mother to acquire wealth and prosperity.

The two brothers – Kashinath Dore and Govind Dore – of Dandval village of Thane district who approached woman tantrik Bachubai Khadke of Takeharsh village have been arrested.

The tantrik, accused of conducting the sacrificial rituals, is missing and on the run, police said Tuesday.

According to a police official, the Dore brothers on Bachubai’s advice tortured, disrobed and sacrificed their mother Budhibai Dore to acquire wealth and prosperity.

The incident which took place in October came to light after the woman’s daughter Rahi Pingle, who also lives in Takeharsh, approached a local social organisation to inform police.

The two brothers told Pingle how they, despite all efforts, failed to acquire riches and she asked them to meet the woman tantrik for advice.

Bachubai reportedly told the brothers that their mother and sister were “witches” who were obstructing their progress.

She ordered the brothers to bring their mother and sister to her for ‘tantrik treatment’ which could end their bad spell.

At the time of Diwali festivities in October, the brothers lured their mother and sister to Bachubai who pushed them into confinement, deprived them of food or water in the name of treatment, and weakened them physically.

A couple of days later, Bachubai allegedly made Budhibai and Pingle nude, gouged out Budhibai’s eyes and later killed her in a tantrik ritual in the presence of the brothers, a police official in Ghoti town in the district told media persons here Tuesday.

A terrified and completely nude Pingle managed to escape and travelled around 40 km to reach her home.

Later, she attempted to lodge a complaint with local police, but for over a month they shunned her, until a local social organisation took up her case.

The police official said a search of Bachubai’s home revealed at least two bodies, suspected to be those of other sacrificial victims.

Police are probing whether some more people may have become victims of Bachubai’s tantrik rituals.

While the Dore brothers have admitted to the crime, police have detained at least 10 suspects working for Bachubai, and further investigation is underway.