South Asian wrestlers win silver and three bronze medals at Cadet Pan Am

FOUR South Asian wrestlers from B.C. won a silver medal and three bronze medals for Canada at theCadet Pan American Championships being held in Recife, Brazil, on May 2-4 to qualify athletes for certain weight categories to the upcoming Youth Olympic Games, being held in Nanjing, China, in August.

Two of them were from Guru Gobind Singh Wrestling Club and one each from Abby Wrestling Club and Khalsa Wrestling Club.

Ramandeep Khehira of Guru Gobind Singh Wrestling Club bagged silver in the 85 kg category in Greco-Roman, while Jaskaran Khela of Abby Wrestling Club won bronze in the 54 kg category.

In freestyle, Jimsher Sidhu of Khalsa Wrestling Club won bronze in the 100 kg category, and Arshdeep Gurm of Guru Gobind Singh Wrestling Club won bronze in the 76 kg weight category.


May 2 results – GRECO-ROMAN


85 kg – Ramandeep Khehira (2/6) – SILVER
vs. Marco Duran (ECU) – W 2-4 by fall
vs. Tyler Johnson (USA) – L 4-7


54 kg – Jaskaran Khela (3/3) – BRONZE

vs. Erivan Rocha (BRA) – L 0-9
vs. Daton Fix (USA) – L 0-8



May 4 results: MEN’S FREESTYLE
100 kg – Jimsher Sidhu (3/7) – BRONZE
vs. Adam Smith (USA) – W 10-2
vs. Maximiliano Garcia (MEX) – L 3-3
vs. Pedro Morales (CHI) – W 12-0


76 kg – Arshdeep Gurm (3/10) – BRONZE
vs. Carlos Rivera Rodruigues (HON) – W 12-10 by fall
vs. Carlos Izquierdo Mendez (COL) – L 0-12
vs. Erick Bendezu (PER) – W 9-6