Thumbs up for BC Liquor Stores’ Support Dry Grad campaign

BC Liquor Stores are giving dry graduation events the ‘thumbs up’ as part of the BC Liquor Distribution Branch’s annual Support Dry Grad fundraising campaign.

Throughout the month of March, BC Liquor Store customers are encouraged to donate a dollar or more to support alcohol-free graduation celebrations in their communities. In return, customers will receive a bright ‘thumbs up’ sticker to write their name on and display in-store to show their support for dry graduation events.

All donations go to the local school district in which the BC Liquor Store is located, and are distributed to public high schools and participating independent schools that are planning alcohol-free graduation activities.

The contributions by liquor store customers top up funds raised by parents, students and teachers who work all year to raise funds for dry graduation celebrations.

Blain Lawson, General Manager and CEO, Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB), said on Monday: “Year after year, BC Liquor Store customers continue to generously support our efforts to prevent underage drinking and promote safe graduation events across the province. The LDB’s dry grad campaign is one of our more significant initiatives, and highlights our commitment to social responsibility and keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors.”

Tim McGeer, Principal, University Hill Secondary school, Vancouver, noted: “The Support Dry Grad campaign provides invaluable service to schools and the community at large. Our partnership with the LDB dry grad campaign shows students that the whole community cares deeply about their safety and well-being.”


Quick Facts:

  • In 2017, 55 school districts and the Federation of Independent Schools participated, representing more than 270 high schools throughout the province.
  • Thanks to BC Liquor Store customers, more than $322,000 was raised during the BC Liquor Stores’ 2017 Dry Grad campaign.
  • Since its inception in 2001, the campaign has raised more than $6.54 million towards alcohol-free graduation events.
  • The Support Dry Grad campaign started in 2001 and is a key part of the BC Liquor Distribution Branch’s corporate social responsibility program – a primary focus of which is to help keep alcohol out of the hands of minors.