Students asked to wait while Liberals handout millions to wealthy corporations: Federal NDP

FEDERAL NDP Critic for Diversity and Inclusion and Youth, Lindsay Mathyssen (MP for London-Fanshawe) said on Friday she’s disappointed that the Liberal government has once again put corporations and the well-connected first, while making students wait for the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG) program to start. The Liberals are in trouble after handing over almost a billion dollar contract to their friends at WE, while leaving students scrambling for payment for the time they have already spent working in their communities. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance are under investigation by the Ethics Commissioner for the contract given to WE.

“The ramifications of COVID-19 will be felt for a long time, but no one will feel it more than Canada’s youth. The disruption in their education and employment opportunities will have lasting effects on their lives and on Canada for years,” said Mathyssen. “Instead of using existing programs to make it easier on students, the Liberals have asked them to rely on this now stalled program. It cannot go ahead because ethics rules might have been broken by the PM and his Liberal government. This program just isn’t working. Students shouldn’t have to wait for the government to get its act together. They need work and financial compensation now.”

New Democrats are asking the government to cancel the complicated program clouded by potential ethics problems and transfer the funds to the Canada Summer Jobs program or give grants directly to the volunteer sector. This would ensure jobs will be accessible for students who need help right now, they say.