Surrey Community Alliance slams Tom Gill for not calling for a Surrey Police Force earlier

Doug Elford

DOUG Elford, President of the Surrey Community Alliance, on Tuesday slammed Surrey Councillor Tom Gill, who is also Surrey First’s mayoral candidate, for only now asking for a Surrey Police Force.

Elford noted: “Tom Gill has called for a referendum on having a Surrey Police Force following a third party review of policing options. Surrey First approved a 20-year RCMP contract in 2012 and Tom Gill supported it then. He didn’t need a referendum then.

“Surrey First waited until last October to call task force on gang violence. Now Tom Gill wants a third party review. Why did he and Surrey First wait until an election is approaching to start calling for consulting the citizens of Surrey?”

Elford added: “We are glad that Tom Gill supports our call for considering a Surrey Police Force. We need a city council that consults with and listens to the citizens.”

He said: “The Surrey Community Alliance is committed to starting the process of establishing a Surrey Police Force if we have a majority on council after this election. This coming election is going to be a referendum on the Surrey First track record and what policies the parties stand on.”

According to a Research Co. poll published in The VOICE last week, Elford is regarded as a good choice for mayor by 17% of residents; Gill is seen as a good choice to lead the city by 15% of residents.