Surrey First’s Hepner says policing and public safety bigger priority now than when McCallum was mayor

HEADLINES SURREY LINDA HEPNER low res BodPOLICING and public safety have never been bigger priorities, said Surrey First mayoral candidate Linda Hepner who noted: “Today our per capita annual spending on policing and public safety is over $260, compared to just $92 under Doug McCallum.”

Hepner said McCallum’s plan to fund new policing by selling off the successful Surrey City Development Corporation makes absolutely no sense.

She said: “The Surrey City Development Corporation pays the city a $4.5 million dividend annually, and has helped to attract $11 billion in private sector investments, allowing Surrey to invest $5 billion in community infrastructure without raising property taxes.”

Hepner said Surrey First’s city-wide crime prevention strategy is over 90 per cent complete, or underway, with crime down significantly when compared to McCallum’s time at city hall, when he had the lowest per capita spending on policing in the country.