Surrey Gang Enforcement Team expands popular gang prevention program

THE Surrey RCMP Gang Enforcement Team (SGET) is launching a second module in their “Shattering the Image” anti-gang presentation series that focuses on the importance of mentorship and leadership for youth.

“Shattering the Image” is an anti-gang presentation that is tailor-made for Surrey youth, parents, educators and community groups. The first module, “Understanding Gangs” launched in 2017 after SGET police officers identified a need for gang related information that was specific to Surrey. Over the past two years, “Shattering the Image” has been presented to thousands of youth and hundreds of adults including educators, parents, and new immigrants.

Surrey RCMP say that as SGET members spoke with youth during “Shattering the Image” presentations, they saw an opportunity to highlight the importance of choices and influences. This led to the development of a second “Shattering the Image” module that aims to develop leadership in youth, and impress on them the importance of both being a positive role model and having a positive role model.
“Shattering the Image – Mentorship and Leadership” will be presented for the first time this week at Tamanawis Secondary School to over 300 Grade 8 and 9 students.

“’Shattering the Image’ is part of the Surrey RCMP’s long-term strategy to address the issue of youth criminal involvement,” says Sergeant Mike Sanchez of the Surrey Gang Enforcement Team. “We recognize the need for our community to have gang-related information that is specific to Surrey and with this new module, we will promoting positive choices for kids and accessible support and guidance to parents.”

Both modules of “Shattering the Image” can be adapted to suit youth and adult audiences.

· Shattering the Image – Understanding Gangs – This presentation shares the true story of gang life in Surrey and its consequences. SGET officers talk about the history of gangs and drug trafficking in Surrey, the dangers of dial-a-doping, and how social media is used to glamorize gang life and recruit youth.

· Shattering the Image – Mentorship & Leadership – This module builds upon the learnings of the Understanding Gangs Module and focuses on the value of mentorship and leadership and the importance of positive role models for youth. One SGET officer shares his story of growing up in Surrey and how one mentor impacted his life in high school and still to this day.

To request a Shattering the Image presentation for your school or group, contact the Surrey RCMP at

If you are a parent and have concerns that your child may be getting involved with dangerous or illegal activity, assistance is available through the Surrey RCMP’s Parent Helpline at 604-599-7800.