UPDATED: Surrey house at 121 Street and 82 Avenue shot at Wednesday night was targeted

 SURREY RCMP confirmed to The VOICE on Wednesday night that a house at 121 Street and 82 Avenue had been shot at. There were people in the house but no one was injured though there was a broken window, said Staff-Sgt. Joe Johal.

He said it was possibly a drive-by shooting as there was a report of a small greenish or grayish hatchback SUV taking off from the scene.

The residents are South Asians.

Cpl. Bert Paquet on Thursday told The VOICE that one of the residents of the targeted house confessed to police investigators that he had been involved in criminal activities in the recent past.

Paquet added: “But he stated he was no longer involved in any kind of criminal activities at this point, but we are still obviously investigating.”

Ironically, the incident took place on a day when there was a fierce back and forth between mayoral candidates Linda Hepner and Barinder Rasode about the crime situation in the City.