Surrey-ites feel Mayor Doug McCallum should have kicked Councillor Brenda Locke out of party

Councillor Brenda Locke

SURREY-ITES are telling The VOICE that Mayor Doug McCallum should have kicked Councillor Brenda Locke and another Safe Surrey Coalition councillor out of his party a long time ago. However, they feel relieved that Locke decided to quit herself on Thursday, thus ending the confusion she was causing by always belittling McCallum’s agenda although she herself had supported it when she joined his party before the election.

As The VOICE pointed out last week, Locke got only about 13,600 votes when she ran for Surrey Council in 2014 – she was No. 17. She was defeated by not only the successful Surrey First candidates but also candidates like Rina Gill, Kal Dosanjh, Narima Dela Cruz and others.

This time she won only by joining McCallum’s Safe Surrey Coalition team and thus got more than 40,000 votes.

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum
Photo by Jay Sharma of Mahi Photo Studio

Surrey-ites feel Locke and another councillor used McCallum to get elected and then started pursuing their own agenda. McCallum was reluctant to include Locke in his slate, but was persuaded by some to include her and another councillor. Now Mc Callum feels betrayed by these two councillors.

Last week, Locke repeated the lie: “The Surrey Police Transition Report outlines the creation of a police department with fewer officers than we have today,” in spite of this newspaper having exposed this untruth in an article on June 7 titled, “SFU professor reveals the REAL truth about RCMP figures in Surrey – and why the City needs its OWN police force.”

Surrey-ites feel Locke has always been more aligned with Surrey First Councillor Linda Annis than the party that got her elected. Some wonder whether she is positioning herself for a run for the mayor’s position in the next election.

Councillor Steven Pettigrew, who quit McCallum’s party a few weeks ago, and Locke will sit as independents in Council.

Surrey-ites say they should have the guts to resign and run again to prove they have support.

But will they?




  1. Well Mr Ratton Mall you have voiced you opinion, as a Surrey ite myself I am telling the VOICE they are wrong. Councillor Locke and Pettigrew have followed the values of democracy in the face of Council dysfunction. Having attended many Council meetings in person I can vouch for this opinion. Also having read all 189 pages of the Pilice report, I can also say your opinion is wrong. Respectfully said for democracy sake.

  2. Uh, when people start leaving .. look to the one in charge…because that is almost always where the trouble lies. The people that want to do the right thing and that want to represent the people are leaving because they find a leader who does not want to do the same.

  3. Locke and Pettigrew—-brave enough to stand up for what they believe as individual coalition members—-brave enough to stand up for the democratic process at all levels of government—-brave enough to question the absence of Roberts Rules. Unfortunately, I voted for McCallum, believing his mantra “Pause development – Smart Development” and his pontificating that, since the coalition members were from all the different parts of Surrey, there’d be a voice for all taxpayers. Mr. Rattan Mall of “Indo-Canadian Voice”, were you at the post-victory dinner at the hall on 84/128 where the slate was lauded by Indo-Canadian men, as the opinion you express must be yours, not as you quote “Surrey-ites say they should have the guts to resign and run again to prove they have support.”

    • Annie … that is YOUR opinion and you are entitled to it – especially if it suits your agenda. So if Locke and Pettigrew are so confident of their stand, why don’t they resign and run again? Locke only got some 17,000 votes on her own – and then came begging to McCallum to include her in his slate because she knew which way the wind was blowing. But apparently she had her hidden agenda all along. She was unable to answer my direct questions on this issue earlier on and then she stooped to lies on cops numbers even after I had clarified the situation? The pro-RCMP lobby will continue to used every tactic possible … you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out! Good luck, anyway!

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