Surrey Opens DC Fast Charge Station For Electric Vehicles

vehicleSurrey officially opened its first DC Fast Charge (DCFC) station today; DCFC is a relatively new technology that offers a quick charge solution for electric vehicles. Using a dedicated current (DC), these stations can fully charge an electric vehicle in less than 30 minutes, trimming hours off Level 2 EV chargers.

“The City of Surrey is committed to adopting progressive clean energy solutions,” said City of Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts. “It’s a part of our larger commitment to sustainability, ensuring that we build the infrastructure to ensure a healthy future for our city.”

“DC Fast Charge technology makes it more convenient to operate electric vehicles,” said Councillor Bruce Hayne, Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee. “Providing access to this technology is essential to moving consumers away from fossil fuel reliance in favour of sustainable clean energy alternatives.”

The station, located at the Surrey Museum, will be part of the ‘Green Highway’ that extends from BC to California. The Green Highway is a commitment under the Pacific Coast Collaborative. The Surrey Museum Station will be the first available charge point along the Green Highway when entering Canada from the US, and the last available charge point when leaving Canada to the US.

“The official opening of the Surrey fast-charging station marks an important milestone for BC’s Clean Energy Vehicle Program,” said the Honourable Mary Polak Minister of Environment. “Providing a strategically-located network of 13 fast chargers throughout the province will allow more travel options for current electric vehicle owners, and will help encourage even higher electric vehicle adoption rates.”

The Surrey Museum Station is the result of a partnership among the City of Surrey, the Province of BC and BC Hydro, with funding from the Province, project management from BC Hydro and Surrey responsible for operating the station. The Surrey Museum Station is located at 17710 56A Ave, Surrey, BC.

Implementation of this technology is part of the City of Surrey’s commitment to low carbon transportation options, and demonstrates the City’s leadership in continuing to deliver on sustainability. For more info on this and other programs visit