Surrey RCMP investigate serious assault, victim refuses to cooperate


Photos by Gopal Sharma
An RCMP officer adjusts a cover placed over weapons reportedly used in the attack. Photos by Gopal Sharma


SURREY RCMP are investigating a serious assault in which hockey sticks and field hockey sticks were used by a group of South Asians on Wednesday morning at 125A Street and 92nd Avenue. A victim was transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Cpl. Scotty Schumann told The VOICE on Thursday that the victim was attacked by four South Asians and bystanders came to assist him and scared off the assailants.

However, the victim refused to cooperate with the police. He refused to provide his name and had no identification on him.

Schumann said: “He’s not providing us any information at all. So right now we are conducting the investigation without his assistance.”

Asked if the victim might be a drug dealer, Schumann said: “It’s a possibility. These other criminals are generally the only people who refuse police service when we come to assist.”

Police don’t know who the assailants are either. Schumann said: “But we are conducting our investigation. We have our detectives out in the neighbourhood and we are going to be canvassing to see if we can locate any other witnesses or maybe a surveillance video from a nearby residence. But barring that, unless we get some tips from the public, we might not be able to solve this crime.”