RCMP say accusation of booze being handed out by Doug McCallum is wrong

Kal Dosanjh Facebook photo
Kal Dosanjh
Facebook photo

 RCMP told The VOICE on Monday that the accusation made by Kal Dosanjh on his Facebook that “[Surrey mayoral candidate Doug] McCallum set up a tent beside the advanced polling Center yesterday [Saturday], and was handing out booze, food and pamphlets, against the law” was wrong. The location was the Election Depot at 7452 132 Street.

Dosanjh, who’s running for a Council seat with mayoral hopeful Barinder Rasode’s One Surrey team, had added: “When confronted by two by law officers he sent them on their way. Two RCMP officers arrived with the elections officer and shut it down,” and made other negative comments.

Surrey RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet told us that there was no booze involved in the incident.

Paquet said: “We were contacted by the Chief Election Officer. We went there and saw a tent up there with people offering tea and refreshments. So we asked them to pack up and leave which they did without any issues.”

Paquet said there was no indication that alcohol was seized and “there’s certainly no charges being laid.”