The Surrey scene: Nine ridings – SIX to NDP, THREE to Liberals (provisional)

THE nine ridings in Surrey could well decide whether the Liberals stay in power or the NDP form the next government.

Surrey-Fleetwood, Surrey-Panorama, and Surrey-Guildford ridings are the one that both sides are watching nervously.

* In Surrey-Fleetwood, Liberal candidate Peter Fassbender (Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and Minister Responsible for TransLink) is facing a serious challenge from the NDP’s Jagrup Brar, who is a former MLA.


* In Surrey-Panorama, NDP’s Jinny Sims, former MP, has a clear advantage over her Liberal rival Puneet Sandhar because of name recognition. But will that be enough to get her elected?


* In Surrey-Guildford, Liberal candidate Amrik Virk (Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services) faces a formidable rival, the NDP’s Garry Begg. Both Begg and Virk are former RCMP inspectors.



Three ridings are expected to be safe NDP ones:

* Surrey-Newton – Harry Bains (NDP) and Gurminder Singh Parihar (Liberal).

* Surrey-Green Timbers – Rachna Singh (NDP) and Brenda Joy Locke (Liberal).

* Surrey-Whalley – Bruce Ralston (NDP) and Sargy Chima (Liberal).


Three ridings are considered safe Liberal ones:

* Surrey-White Rock – Tracy Redies (Liberal) and Niovi Patsicakis (NDP).

* Surrey South – Stephanie Cadieux (Liberal) and Jonathan Silveira (NDP)

* Surrey-Cloverdale – Marvin Hunt (Liberal) and Rebecca Smith (NDP).