Surrey to plant 12,000+ trees in 2022 as city recognized as ‘Tree City’ for third year

THE City of Surrey has an ambitious plan to increase tree planting on public property by 20% in 2022, and was recently recognized as a ‘Tree City’ for the third consecutive year.

“I commend our staff and our citizens in Surrey who are deeply committed to our vision of being a green and inclusive city,” said Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. “As the stewards of our parkland and natural habitats, we are committed to sustainability and building a legacy for future generations. It is an honour to be recognized for our commitment in ensuring the careful management and protection of our urban forests are balanced with our City’s growth.”

The City is increasing tree planting on public property by 20% to 12,300 trees (not including seedlings) this year. That is an increase from 2021, when the City planted 10,272 trees on city property (not including 7,240 seedlings).

In 2021, the City’s popular Tree Sale Program saw an additional 4,000 trees sold to residents for planting on private property. Another 4,000 are expected to be sold this year. While the spring tree sales have sold out, residents will have another opportunity to purchase trees this fall when the City hosts our final two sales of the year. These tree sales allow Surrey residents the opportunity to purchase quality trees at an affordable price to help grow the City’s urban forest. (Learn more at

The City was also recently recognised as a member of the Tree Cities of the World program for the third consecutive year.  This program recognizes Surrey’s commitment to celebrating, properly maintaining, and sustainably managing our urban forest.

The Tree Cities of the World Program is an international initiative intended to recognize cities and towns that are committed to ensuring their urban forests are celebrated, properly maintained and sustainably managed. To be recognized as a “Tree City,” a community must meet five core standards that illustrate a commitment to caring for its trees and forests. The five standards include demonstrating an established framework that delegates responsibility of tree care in the City; established bylaws and official policies that guide the management of the City’s forests and trees; a comprehensive inventory of the City’s forests and trees; dedicated funding to support the implementation of the City’s forest and tree management plans; and annual celebrations of trees to raise awareness among residents.

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