Tasty Indian Bistro – the best just got better!

   Harman (left) and Inder All photos submitted

Harman (left) and Inder
All photos submitted


AVTAR Saini first opened tasty sweets and restaurant in winter of 1999 on Scott Road, Surrey.

It was always Avtar Saini’s vision to create a space where customers could dine like Indian royalty. But he didn’t have enough time to fulfill his goal as he passed away in April 2010.

Son Inder brought that dream to life in 2011 with Tasty Indian Bistro, with the help of family member, Harman (who helps run the operation), serving fine dining food in a premium casual atmosphere.

Now they are adding new items to the menu even as they have renovated their high-end joint. What’s more, they are also open on holidays.


#TasteTasty at Tasty Indian Bistro

#TasteTasty at Tasty Indian Bistro#TasteTasty at Tasty Indian Bistro