The Library Has What You Need If You Are New To BC

Public libraries are free for everyone to use. Find one and come for a visit.

What can you do at the library?
At the public library, you can:
• find books, magazines, newspapers, movies, and music in English and other languages,
• read newspapers and magazines,
• use computers and free WIFI,
• borrow books and DVDs and other materials,
• join programs and take classes,
• use books, DVDs, CDs, and online resources that can help you learn English, and
• meet people in your community!

Are all libraries in BC the same?
Every public library is different. Some are very big and some are small. Some have reading rooms and coffee shops. Libraries open and close at different times. They have different rules too.

Will someone help me at the library?
YES! Public library staff will help you find what you need. Some libraries have staff members who speak other languages.

Can you join events, classes and programs at the library?
Yes you can! Public libraries offer many different programs and classes including:
• ESL conversation and computer classes,
• workshops about job searching and resume writing,
• story times for babies or children,
• fun programs and reading clubs for teenagers.

How do you use the library?
You start by joining the library. If you want to borrow materials, you need a library card. To get a library card, go to a library in your city or town. Remember to bring photo identification and proof of current address. Children don’t need photo identification to get a card. Public library cards are free!

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