ME THINKS: The gangster ‘found God,’ but then rival gangsters found him!

THE targeted murder of 33-year-old Yee Hung Chin, a former gangster from Calgary, Alberta, outside his workplace in Chilliwack on July 21 proves once again that if you go in for that kind of a lifestyle, you will live the rest of your life in uncertainty.

Once you’re IN, you CAN’T really walk out!

So keep that in mind if you are being lured into a gang or any type of association with a gang because of false glamour (money, power, girls).

Yee Hung Chin aka Jason Chin   
Photo courtesy CTV / Instagram

One day you will be a HERO, but the next day you will be a ZERO!

That’s a fact that I have pointed out again and again over the years and just last month (June 9), in an article “Some gang members nervously following Bacon murder trial to see if their name or some info about them crops up,” gang expert Staff-Sgt. Lindsey Houghton of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit – BC (CFSEU-BC) had pointed that out yet again.

I wrote: “You can be sure that some gang members are very keenly interested in what’s going on at the Red Scorpion gang leader Jonathan Bacon’s murder trial in Kelowna because they are nervous if their name or some information concerning them may crop up – and of course, the consequences that may follow!”

Former associates of the three who have been charged with the first-degree murder of Bacon in August 2011 — Jujhar Khun-Khun, Michael Jones and Jason McBride – will be testifying against them at the trial at B.C. Supreme Court in Kelowna.

Staff-Sgt. Lindsey Houghton   
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

Just the week before that I had warned about the consequences of joining a gang in an article titled “Why joining gangs makes no sense – unless you have a death wish!” (You can check out the write-ups on our website

Houghton pointed out: “As we remind people, your choices may come back to haunt you 10, 15, 20 years down the road and so when we eventually catch the people who we allege are behind these acts of violence – and people should make no mistake that we will catch them eventually – all of the things that happened … will all come back (to haunt you).”

And he stressed: “People need to understand that.”


CHIN was one of the leaders of the FOB (“Fresh of the Boat” gang) and rival to the FK (“Fresh Off the Boat Killers”) in Calgary, Alberta, according to media reports. The two gangs were reportedly responsible for more than two dozen murders in the city a decade ago. Chin’s younger brother Roger was shot dead in 2008. Chin, also known as Roland Chin, was charged with numerous weapons and drug offences.

Calgary Sun reported that Chin was one of the few survivors of the gang war that left members of both groups either dead or serving time in prison. It also said that several individuals with FK connections are alleged to have long-standing ties with the United Nations (UN) gang in B.C.

Chin apparently thought he could put all that behind him and start afresh in Chilliwack. CTV on Wednesday night carried and exclusive story on how he had become friendly with pastor Chris Snyder on January 1 after buying a second-hand computer desk from him.

Snyder told CTV that Chin attended a few services at the Potter’s House Christian Fellowship in Mission and later in Chilliwack and was a regular worshipper.

Snyder said Chin was emotional as he spoke of his brother’s death after a life of crime. “At the time, Chin was working at Mission’s Pioneer Chrysler and at Anytime Fitness as a personal trainer. He later told Snyder he worked on log homes before starting a new job at Kal Tire just days before the shooting,” CTV reported.

Snyder said he was genuine about his Christian faith.

“Snyder heard Chin’s description of a difficult childhood without a mother and a checkered past he was trying to leave behind,” CTV reported.

CTV said Chin was known as “Jason” to fellow churchgoers.

Yes, Chin apparently did find God.

But, unfortunately, rival gangsters found him!