Three teenagers charged for robbing South Asian high school student in Brampton

HEADLINES BULLYING VIDEOA video that shows two white girls assaulting and robbing a 16-year-old South Asian high school student of Brampton, Ontario, went viral after being posted to – titled “Young Indian girl gets bullied by wannabe thugs from Brampton” – and then to Reddit and YouTube. It was also shared on social media.

CityNews Toronto reported on Monday that three teenagers were charged in connection with that incident on Sunday. The video was then shared thousands of times on social media.

The video shows two white teenagers assaulting the South Asian girl and robbing her cell phone, warning her not to disclose that to anyone. The voice of a male can also be heard but he is not seen in the video.

Peel Regional Police told the media that the incident took place on October 24 and two 17-year-old girls and one 17-year-old boy were each charged with robbery.

Peel Regional Police spokesperson Const. Lilly Fitzpatrick told The VOICE that the charge of robbery automatically involves assault or threat of assault, so laying a charge of assault would be like laying a double charge for the same offence.

She explained: “If there was no violence involved it would just be a charge of theft.”

She added: “Assault or the threat of assault … is one of the things we have to prove to maintain the charge of robbery.”

The teenagers cannot be identified because of their ages. The victim suffered no injuries.

The Peel District School Board said it also investigated the incident.

The incident did not occur at school but at a nearby plaza, police said.


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