TransLink executives cash in – despite chairman’s promise


TRANSLINK finally released their 2013 salary disclosure documents on Friday, and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) says the news is bad for taxpayers: record-breaking pay for executives, big bonuses and more six-figured employees than ever before.

“TransLink executives love to cry poor and demand higher taxes and fares, but their pay is fatter than ever,” said CTF B.C. Director Jordan Bateman. “Voters in next year’s TransLink referendum should take note that despite their claims, there always seems to be more money for the fat cats running the place.”

Despite a public declaration by TransLink Chair Marcella Szel that executive pay had been frozen at 2012 levels and bonuses had been eliminated, every single TransLink executive was paid more in 2013 than the year before.

“With a pay freeze like that, who needs a raise?” said Bateman. “TransLink should apologize for misleading taxpayers about what is happening in their executive offices.”

TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis got the biggest jump in pay – which included $83,700 in bonuses. Jarvis made $422,406 in salary, bonuses and taxable benefits in 2013, plus $45,609 in pension contributions and other benefits, for a total compensation package of $468,015. That’s nearly 7 per cent more than in 2012.

Every other TransLink executive got raises too:

* CFO Cathy McLay was paid $383,905, up from $330,753, including a $31,721 bonus.

* Human Resources head Sandra Hentzen was paid $325,459, up from $289,958, including a $26,922 bonus.

* Bus company president Haydn Acheson was paid $329,130, up from $296,034, including a $27,540 bonus.

* SkyTrain boss Fred Cummings was paid $321,736, up from $293,443, including an $18,643 bonus.

* Communications boss Bob Paddon was paid $311,844, up from $307,857, including a $17,507 bonus.

* COO Doug Kelsey was paid $377,702, up from $377,054, including a $22,400 bonus.

The executives weren’t the only ones cashing in. TransLink and its subsidiaries paid 434 people more than $100,000 last year, up from 393 people the year before. That includes the Transit Police, where 56 of 154 officers made six figures.

TransLink posted the financial documents, which were dated June 30, late Friday afternoon, just before the Labour Day long weekend. In previous years, these documents were posted earlier in the summer.

“TransLink’s bosses have been watching too much West Wing on Netflix – taking out the trash before the long weekend,” said Bateman. “Maybe they thought the CTF and media wouldn’t notice, what with the long weekend and the teacher negotiations dominating the news. But we did – and taxpayers should be holding these highly-paid executives to account for their actions.”