Trudeau still very much on top despite India visit controversies: Poll

Trudeau and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi on February 23.

PRIME Minister Justin Trudeau remains the preferred PM for 40.4 per cent of Canadians.

That is what the latest Nanos federal tracking poll for the week ending Friday, February 23 shows.

This is in spite of anti-Trudeau politicians and media running distorted stories on former Khalistani terrorist Jaspal Atwal, who has reformed himself and is now actually anti-Khalistani and who has supported and hobnobbed with Conservative and NDP members as well. There was also criticism that Trudeau went a bit too far with his Indian wardrobe.

And how are the other party leaders faring?

* Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer has the support of merely 22.1 per cent of Canadians.

* Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has the support of only 9.5 per cent of Canadians.

* Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is four points behind Singh at 5.6 per cent.

And what about “Qualities of a Good Political Leader”?

Six in ten Canadians (62.3%) believe Trudeau has the qualities of a good political leader.

What about the other party leaders?

* Only 35.3 per cent believe Scheer has the qualities of a good political leader.

*  Jagmeet Singh is ahead of Scheer as 38.2 per cent of Canadians say he has the qualities of a good political leader.

* And even May – with 36.6 per cent saying she has the qualities of a good political leader – is ahead of Scheer.

Support for the parties: Liberals – 37.7 per cent; Conservatives – 31.5 per cent; NDP – 19.2 per cent; Green Party – 6.9 per cent. (Bloc Quebecois – 3.8 per cent)

Asked whether they would consider voting for each of the federal parties, 53.1 per cent of Canadians say they would consider voting Liberal while 46.2 per cent would consider voting Conservative. Close to four in ten (38.5%) would consider voting NDP while 29.8 per cent and 30.2 per cent of Canadians would consider voting for the BQ (only Quebec) and Green parties, respectively.