Charges against Jaspal Atwal stayed in threatening case involving Punjabi talk show host

Jaspal Atwal

PUNJABI media personality Jaspal Atwal had always vehemently denied threatening Punjabi talk show host Gurvinder Singh Dhaliwal in an incident on April 23 last year and now Crown counsel has directed a stay of proceedings.

Atwal’s  lawyer, Marvin Stern, told the media last year: “There was a conversation between the two of them in the parking lot of the radio station in question. But there were no threats issued by Mr. Atwal whatsoever.”

Atwal was to appear in court on June 17, but his lawyer informed him on Monday that Crown counsel had informed him that there was a stay of proceedings in the matter.

Atwal alleges that a section of Punjabi media was inciting Surrey RCMP against him for their own politics.