Trudeau’s Liberals make it easier for the ultra-rich, instead of Canadian families: Federal NDP

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said on Monday that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals missed the mark by refusing to make the ultra-rich pay for the recovery, instead putting the burden on families needing help to make ends meet. He noted that while many Canadians are struggling to get by during the pandemic, the super-rich are making record profits.

“It’s easy to see why people are worried,” said Singh. “Successive Liberal and Conservative governments have historically made families pay the price by cutting the services they rely on. Today, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals showed that they have no intention of making it easier for working Canadians and their families. They have no intention to make those who profiteered off the pandemic pay their fair share for the recovery. This is wrong.”

He said this pandemic has shown that the system designed by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives doesn’t work for working people. It works for the rich and powerful. All Canadians have seen from the Liberals is empty words and no action. No action to send their kids to accessible and affordable child care. No action to help pay for their medication with a universal pharmacare program.

“Now, as Canadians are faced with some of the highest COVID-19 numbers across the country, the Liberal government is talking about going back to Paul Martin-style cuts. That’s unacceptable,” added Singh. “We shouldn’t be cutting the services people need. We should be making these services better. We won’t stop fighting – for your families, for your health, for good jobs and a healthier environment. New Democrats are focused on fighting – and delivering – for you. Just as we have done every day of this pandemic.”