Two South Asians lucky to be alive after crash at 120 km/hour, street racing suspected


TWO South Asian young men are lucky to be alive after their car crashed near Maclure and McCallum Roads while travelling at about 120 km/hour and police suspect that they were involved in street racing.

Abbotsford Police Constable Ian MacDonald told The VOICE on Monday: “They were doing more than double the speed limit. They were doing about 120 [km/hour] in a 50 [km/hour] zone and that’s a stretch of road with a lot of S-curves. So there is never a good stretch of road to be speeding, but that’s a particularly bad stretch.”

MacDonald said: “The two occupants were South Asian but we do not what the occupants of the other car were because the other car kept going. Neither of the two men in our incident was seriously hurt. One was trapped but he was rescued using the jaws of life.  He was more pinned in the car because of the amount of the damage to the vehicle. He didn’t suffer serious injury.”

Asked if they were street racing, he said: “We are still looking into the street race component and we are certainly looking at security video as it relates to that … see if we can get a plate or identification on the other car that was racing. But we certainly are going with excessive speed at this time and we are going to be looking at every violation to the Motor Vehicle Act for sure and we will see if we get enough for street racing based on the evidence we gather.”


(Photo courtesy CTV)