University of Victoria holds workshop on major challenges faced by seniors with chronic conditions

TO explore more healthy ways to live with chronic illness, a workshop was organized on “What are the major challenges faced by seniors with chronic conditions” in the University of Victoria on May 15. Dr. Patrick McGowan, Director of Self Management Programs, and Professor, Centre on Aging, University of Victoria, invited Jay Bains, Provincial Coordinator of Self Management Programs, University of Victoria, Sarwan Singh Dhillon, volunteer, Gurjit Johal, volunteer, and June Clearsky, Aboriginal Community Coordinator, Ms. Angel and multi-faith activist Gian Singh Kotli for providing their input by sharing their knowledge and experience on various chronic illness issues and problems being faced by the seniors.

A group of M.A. students and professionals of the university also participated in the workshop. Dr. McGowan explained that the purpose of organizing such workshops is to help the seniors with chronic illness to explore healthy ways for living a healthy life with mental or physical conditions by making them aware about self-management skills. The thought-provoking input of the participants brought forth several innovative ideas for guidance and formulating action plans for major challenges faced by seniors with chronic conditions. From the many issues noted down a short list was sorted out for action plan which included connection between healthcare facilities, skills of management, accepting change, language barriers, financial hardship, respect, lack of support, housing and so on.

Dr.McGowan is working hard along with his team members to provide better services for the healthy aging of seniors. He has rendered commendable service to the community by editing a book of 420 pages on “Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions.” In this respect Jay Bains has also rendered commendable service to the seniors by arranging such workshops at several organizations and almost in all the cities of B.C. Dr. Patrick thanked the participants.