Vaisakhi langar at 135A Street in Surrey (Home of the Homeless)

GLOBAL Village Charitable Foundation (OGV), a non-profit society that has worked with community partners including the City of Surrey, RCMP, Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit- BC, Crime Prevention Society, York Centre and Ross Street gurdwaras, Laxmi Narayan Mandir and many other committed societies, are inviting members of the community to join them in celebrating Vaisakhi at 135A Street, the ‘Home of the Homeless.’

OGV notes that they have been regularly serving food and gently used clothes at 135A Street in Surrey. Each time they have served there, they have learnt a little more about the lifestyles and struggles of the homeless guests that live in that locality. Not having access to the government assisted counseling has led many of them to addiction, landing them finally in the state of being homeless.
In the month of April, Sikhs and other humanitarians across the world are celebrating Vaisakhi in their own cities. On this auspicious occasion, they think of the 600+ homeless of Surrey and ask you to please join them with the festivities by serving langar (free food) to “Sangat in Pangat” at 135A Street. Serving without discrimination is the Sikh path to equality and respect.
In the past, they have been able to motivate a few community partnerships to help with the homeless shelters. They are again hoping that with time they will be able to inspire other friends, societies, business owners and more importantly political leaders to take a closer look at the root causes of addition and homelessness.

“We must work toward helping these folks living in tents in the extreme weather conditions to a dignified life. We at OGV believe that only with direct involvement with the impacted folks and working together as a community, we will be able to make a positive and powerful impact on the future of Surrey. We invite you all to volunteer your time in serving food with us from 12 to 2 p.m. on April 23 at 10667 135A Street,” they said.
To accommodate all interested volunteers, either to serve langar or to donate, you are requested to get in touch with them via email at or through their Facebook account @ogvfoundation.


  1. It was a very successful initiative. We are hoping that next year, more societies and local businesses will keep the folks living on 135A Street in mind.

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