Vancouver Police officers honoured by Vancouver’s Khalsa Diwan Society for their exemplary service

Vancouver’s Khalsa Diwan Society honoured Vancouver Police Department officers for their exemplary service last Sunday at Ross Street Gurdwara. Seen here are Constable Raj Jaswal, Constable Kalwinder Dosanjh, Constable Hardeep Sahota, Inspector Steve Rai, Constable Terry Parmar, Constable Narinder Dosanjh, and Staff-Sgt. Martin Bruce.          Photo by Chandra Bodalia

EVERY year the Khalsa Diwan Society recognizes South Asian police officers who have contributed to bettering society by engaging the community through various initiatives and personal diligence. Last year’s awardees were Inspector Steve Rai, the Commanding Officer for Southeast Vancouver, and Sergeant Roger Rai.

This year, the Khalsa Diwan Society recognized five Vancouver Police officers, four of whom work in Southeast Vancouver. As Inspector Rai indicated, “It takes a team.” He added: “I am very proud of my officers for their personal commitment to help make the South Asian community a pillar of Canadian society.”

The Exemplary Service Awards were handed out last Sunday at the Ross Street Gurdwara by President Sohan Deo.

Constable Raj Jaswal has been working tirelessly with South Asian families to ensure kids stay away from the allure of the gang lifestyle. He has personally visited over 200 families in the South Slope to speak to parents and offer then support and prevention tips and strategies for gang diversion.

Constable Kalwinder Dosanjh has been active on social media commenting on various topics and has promoted and encouraged kids to stay fit through weight training and sports. He previously worked in the Downtown Eastside where he worked with kids and organized soccer tournaments with the residents of that neighborhood.

Constable Hardeep Sahota is a great role model for young girls. She delivers a multitude of safety talks for women and South Asian seniors. She recently participated in the development of the VPD’s distraction theft prevention video that was widely played throughout the Lower Mainland. Hardeep is also co-leader of the VPD’s MESH program. This program runs in Southeast Vancouver and aims to work with young kids to keep them on the right path for success.

Constable Terry Parmar is young and diligent Vancouver Police officer who co-founded VPD’s MESH program. Terry and Hardeep collectively work with elementary schools in Sunset where youth may be most at risk in being lured into the gang lifestyle. Terry contributes in many other ways to ensure criminals stay out of our neighborhoods.

Constable Narinder Dosanjh is a senior Vancouver Police Department member who was instrumental in organizing this year’s VPD participation in the Chinese New Year parade. For the first time, the VPD had a float in the parade along with their Chinese Lion Dance Team, Recruiting Unit and many other items. The VPD contingent was very large and led the parade with pride. Constable Dosanjh and Terry Parmar can often been seen together driving on the streets of Southeast Vancouver under the direction of their sergeant, Tej Sidhu.