Vij family donates $100,000 to improve colon cancer screening at Richmond Hospital

(L-R) Dr. Marty Fishman, gastroenterologist, Richmond Hospital; Manmohan and Kusum Vij; and Sharon Kennedy, Campaign Director, Richmond Hospital Foundation. 

MANMOHAN and Kusum Vij, parents of chef Vikram Vij, have donated $100,000 in support of three new colonoscopes to improve colon cancer screening at Richmond Hospital with the hope of inspiring others to give.

Colon cancer screening can save lives by detecting non-cancerous polyps and cancer early. Colon cancer is easier to treat when found at an early stage. With early screening, colonoscopes help physicians view the colon and remove smaller pre-cancerous polyps, if present, on the spot, sparing the patient from painful, more invasive surgery, and resulting in faster recovery times.

Over 30 years, Richmond Hospital Foundation has raised over $80 million to help purchase vital medical equipment, improve patient care services and upgrade facilities at Richmond Hospital and our community of care in Richmond.