Wake Up Surrey tells Surrey authorities to wake up about alleged voter fraud

Jack Hundial

SAFE Surrey Coalition in response to voter fraud allegations made by Wake Up Surrey group said on Friday they “are in no way associated with” this scheme.
It said: “We commend the member of the community including Wake Up Surrey for taking the courageous action to step forward and report this activity.”
The Surrey RCMP file number is 18-145287 and the phone number is (604) 599-0502.
Every Canadian deserves the right to free and fair elections, without any type of interference.
Council candidate Jack Hundial said: “As a former police officer, this type of matter needs to be taken seriously, it underpins the foundations of our democracy. We’re all Canadian and we all understand that we need to protect the sanctity of the vote. I’m proud to be with the Safe Surrey Coalition. We all strongly

encourage everyone who is approached to participate in this scheme to contact the Surrey

RCMP as soon as possible.”

Punjabi journalist and Wake Up Surrey organizer Gurpreet (Lucky) Singh Sahota claims that several people have complained that they are being pressured by their boss or some relative  to participate in the fraud scheme. He estimates that as many as 15,000 votes could be cast in this fraud scheme that involves misuse of absentee ballots.

Election BC has said that it is not involved in local elections and Wake Up Surrey should take it up with Surrey’s chief electoral officer.


MEMBERS of Surrey’s Integrity Now are calling on any residents who have been affected by this fraud scheme to immediately contact Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

They say: “We do not take this matter lightly, and believe that Canada is a country built on fair and open elections as well as democratic principles. These are ideals we hold dear.”

Mayoralty candidate Bruce Hayne says the allegations are extremely disturbing and he welcomes the investigation started by police. “Every Canadian deserves the right to a fair and secure election, and at Integrity Now we have built our entire campaign on these principles and we are anxious to hear the results of the investigation. We will continue to run a clean campaign and bring forward the issues and ideas that matter to the people of Surrey,” he adds.

“We join the citizen’s group Wake Up Surrey, who brought these allegations to light, in urging those affected to immediately seek police assistance.”