Well-known businessman Sucha Thind seeks Conservative nomination in Surrey Centre federal riding

HEADLINES CON THINDANOTHER South Asian has now declared his intention to seek the Conservative Party nomination for the newly formed Surrey Centre federal riding.

He’s well-known businessman Sucha Thind.

Mani Deol-Fallon had announced her bid for the nomination in early March.

Thind has owned and operated a successful aluminum railing business and served as a mentor to many young entrepreneurs in the city for over 25 years. As a fresh university graduate, he immigrated to Canada in his early twenties from India to start a new life and worked at numerous retail stores and factories before finding his calling in the railing business.

He credits hard work and genuineness to his success and knows what it takes to do well in the business world. Now in the latter stages of his career, he aims to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to an already strong Conservative government, he states.

“Conservative Government’s approach towards tougher sentences for the offenders from drug dealers to sexual predators is a right direction to keep our streets and cities safe,” he says, adding that therefore, public safety and crime reduction will be a primary target for him.

“Public service is good for you and good for your country,” notes Thind. “There is no greater honor than giving back to your community through public service and acting as a voice for the values and beliefs your community espouses. As a small business owner I have depended on strong economic growth, which the Conservative government has delivered. I wish to reinforce the principles of the Conservative party of low taxes, job growth and safe communities while putting an emphasis on promoting small-businesses.”

He says that with a demonstrated history of hard work and success, he will be a strong addition to the Conservative Party and will continue lobbying for the advancement and progress of the city of Surrey and Canada as a whole.


Website: www.SuchaThind.ca

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