Wife tells hubby she’s lesbian, who admits he’s transgender after 20-yrs of marriage

In a bizarre incident, a Californian wife came “out of the closet” to tell her husband that she’s a lesbian, who in turn told her that he was a transgender

The couple, who made the revelation together, is still legally married but lives separately, the New York Daily News reported.

Cathy Kaufman said that though her husband had changed what he used to be from the outside, when she married him, but is still the same person on the inside.

David, who changed his gender to become Danielle Kaufman, realized four years ago that he was not a gay man but actually a straight woman, who was truly attracted to men.

David struggled with admitting his true orientation to his wife, despite of knowing that since his childhood he secretly wanted to be a woman.

Danielle claimed that it felt good to be a woman as it is “incredibly cool”.