Will bring back black money: Modi

New Delhi (IANS): BJP leader Narendra Modi Wednesday promised to bring back black money stashed abroad if he were to become the prime minister.

“I will bring back all the black money,” Modi said at the “Chai pe Charcha” (discussion over tea) organised by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) here, which was shown via video streaming at similar ‘tea stalls’ set up across the country.

The Gujarat chief minister said discussions with ordinary people made him connect with his own past.

Modi said while Mahatma Gandhi gave India ‘Swaraj’, India now needed ‘surajya’ or good governance.

“We hear about good governance but we don’t understand what it means. It is the responsibility of every government to explain what it is doing for the people. People of this country have lost faith in the government,” he said.

To emphasise his humble beginnings, Modi has repeatedly said that he once sold tea at a small railway station in Gujarat.

Modi’s comments were shown via video streaming in 172 similar ‘tea stalls’ in Uttar Pradesh, 36 each in Bihar and West Bengal, 82 in Karnataka, 61 in Gujarat, 32 in Kerala and 46 in Delhi.