Will Surrey First team be a white man’s party in a city where half the population is visible minority?


ON Wednesday perhaps the worst kept secret will be out: Linda Hepner will be the mayoral candidate of Surrey First party.

As the party’s press release about “a significant announcement about the 2014 Surrey First team” puts it: “Surrey First is a coalition of independent elected officials serving in the City of Surrey. Current team members are Mayor Dianne Watts, Councillor Linda Hepner, Councillor Judy Villeneuve, Councillor Bruce Hayne, Councillor Tom Gill, Councillor Mary Martin, Councillor Barbara Steele.”

The ONLY visible minority is Tom Gill, a South Asian.

Sources claim that two new candidates for the party will be white.

So visible minorities who compromise half the population of Surrey want to know if a WHITE COLONIAL MENTALITY will continue in Surrey Council!

People are REALLY ANGRY and want a WARD SYSTEM to better reflect the city’s population.

For many, this is nothing but sheer racism.


(Photo: Linda Hepner)