Workshop on Diabetes Management organized by Pakistani Canadian Culture Association


ON World Diabetes Day, the Community Development Group of the Pakistani Canadian Culture Association (PCCA) of BC organized ”An Informational Workshop” on diabetes for the community on November 14. The objective of the workshop was to create awareness about the diseases and share the opinions of professionals.

HEADLINES PCCA 2Lubna Zaidi, a nutritionist, presented her views on the diet management plan. She said with better diet control and daily exercise, diabetic patients can live longer and avoid any medical complications.

HEADLINES PCCA 3Nadeem Zia, a volunteer of Open Door for Success Association, and Basit Khan, pharmacist manager of Sullivan Pharmacy, were of the view that diabetes patients should take extra care of their daily diets. They stressed that everyone should undergo a yearly medical checkup to make sure they are not pre-diabetes or diabetes patients. The sooner the condition is diagnosed, the better it is for them. Both pharmacists HEADLINES PCCA 4emphasized that everyone should take Vitamin D daily.

Sadia Sameeullah, head of the Community Development Group, PCCA, and Naveed Wariach, PCCA President, thanked Sukhi Bath of Sukhi Bath Motors for providing the venue.