China welcomes ‘sensible advice’ on Tibet


London– China welcomes “constructive and sensible advice” and suggestions on Tibet’s development, Chinese Tibetologists said here.

“There are many scholars studying Tibetan history and culture. We hope the scholars and political leaders from other countries, and all those who care about Tibet would participate in its development, and offer constructive, sensible, feasible advice,” said Zhaluo, a scholar from the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

A Chinese delegation of Tibetologists, headed by Zhaluo, visited Cambridge Monday and held academic exchanges with scholars from Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit on the protection of Tibetan language manuscripts, reports Xinhua.

China will stick to regional ethnic autonomy in Tibet, boost legal protection of Tibetan culture and religion and offer comprehensive support for the region, Zhaluo said.

He noted that China will also facilitate the development of social security system, education, housing projects and environmental protection in Tibet.

After a two-day tour in Britain, the Chinese Tibetologists will head to Ireland and Israel for a visit later this week. —IANS