3 Port Moody restaurant patrons fined about $700 for violating COVID Related Measures Act

ON September 19, at approximately 10 p.m., several officers from the Port Moody Police Department were dispatched to attend a local eatery at the request of restaurant staff due to the erratic and belligerent behaviour of three unwanted patrons in the establishment.

Investigation determined that the three involved males were noticeably under the influence of alcohol and had been causing a disruption, which was upsetting to staff and customers.

Police said the deplorable behaviour of the patrons included: refusing to abide to COVID restrictions by refusing to sit down, yelling at staff, playing with a pocket knife, entering the restricted staff-only area, vomiting on their table, and even spitting on the table when asked to leave the establishment.

Investigating Officer Constable Buhrig subsequently issued the trio with multiple violation tickets under the COVID Related Measures Act totaling nearly $700 in fines, and the group was promptly escorted off the premises.

Port Moody Police noted that as a public safety agency, as it relates to COVID-19, their first priority is to educate the public about social distancing, and other reported COVID-related concerns. “However, in this unfortunate instance, the irresponsible actions of the patrons most certainly necessitated the issuing of fines, under the COVID Measures Act,” they added.


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