386 Pakistanis lodged in Indian jails

Islamabad–There are nearly 8,000 Pakistani nationals imprisoned in different countries, including 386 in Indian jails, a Pakistani parliamentary committee was informed.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry told the senate standing committee on interior these prisoners have been charged terrorist activities, murder, illegal stay, drug smuggling, rape, sexual assault, dealing in fake currency, theft and overstaying, Xinhua reported.

Some European countries have not provided information about the crimes due to privacy laws, the ministry said.

The committee directed the foreign ministry to provide legal assistance to the Pakistani prisoners according to the law of land.

In India, 386 Pakistanis are in jails for violation of immigration laws, overstaying and border crossing.

According to the foreign ministry, 346 Pakistani prisoners are imprisoned in Afghanistan jails for terrorism activities, Talibanisation, dealing in fake currency, murder, theft, holding fake identity cards, drug, rape and illegal stay.

In Saudi Arabia, 1,920 Pakistani prisoners are in jails for drug trafficking, theft and rape.

There are 800 Pakistani prisoners in jails in the United Arab Emirates for illegally staying, drug trafficking, forgery, fraud, theft and traffic rules violations.

In the US, 102 Pakistani prisoners are in jails for immigration law violations, sexual assault, murder, overstay, running illegal eateries, fraud, theft and marriage fraud.

There are 335 Pakistani prisoners in British jails for committing violent acts, sexual offence, theft, fraud, rape and murder.—IANS