US shooting: Indian American community in shock

The local Indian American community was in shock as a vigil was held outside Saleh’s Market in Elkhart, Indiana, where two Sikh men, Jagtar Bhatti and Pawan Preet Singh, running a grocery store were shot and killed during an attempted robbery. Both were natives of Punjab.

Condemning the deadly attack, Satnam Singh Chahal, executive director of North American Punjabi Association (NAPA), said the Sikh community is living under the shadow of fear and insecurity. NAPA in a statement urged the US government to leave no stone unturned to take all necessary measures to protect the lives and property of .

A memorial now sits outside the market, according to Fox People have left candles, flowers, stuffed animals, and more for Bhatti,55, who hailed from Preet Nagar in Jalandhar and 20-year-old Pawan Singh from Munnan village in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

A group of people gathered around the memorial Friday night to share stories of the two men, the news site said. They said Bhatti and Singh were extremely generous and well known in the community. The Elkhart Police Department has arrested 28-year-old Kevin Moore, said to be a regular customer at the market for the murder Thursday morning.

People at the vigil also said the men who were killed as they worked inside Saleh’s Market were like family. They were always looking out for everybody in the neighborhood and offering advice when they could.

The mourners said they aren’t just devastated by the loss of their friends but also by the shock of who is suspected of killing them.
Those at the vigil say they knew Moore, they called him “Lorenzo.”

Dionell Hill and Kiwhonei Nichols were quoted as saying Bhatti and Singh also knew Moore and no one ever expected him to do something like this.

Flyers were handed out at the vigil urging people to come to Mary Beck Elementary School Sep 15th to talk about forming a neighborhood association.—IANS