Arctic wind, dangerous wind chills coming this weekend

arctic windsDon’t forget the gloves, the toque and scarf! It’s another freezing-cold day in the Lower Mainland.

“Initially, the cold snap was good water cooler fodder; we like to tease about how a temperature of minus-1 sets off all the alarm bells around this part of the world,” says News1130 Meteorologist Russ Lacate. “Now, we really have to change our tone; the weather is expected to trend towards bitter cold conditions and, frankly, dangerous wind chills to begin the weekend.”

“It’ll stay cloudy all of today and the maximum temperatures hitting right around zero. It starts to clear at the end of the afternoon. It really clears off tonight, down to about minus-7 — maybe minus-8 — and the daytime high in the sun tomorrow is minus-2.”

“Looking ahead to Friday night and Saturday morning, that Arctic wind will be howling out from the Fraser Valley. We’ll have lows of minus-10, the wind chill values in Metro Vancouver could be minus-15. In the Valley Saturday morning, minus-20 to minus-25 for windchill — dangerously cold weather.”

Russ notes the temperature will stay below zero all weekend, even with some sun in the forecast.