India’s Most Trusted Salty Snack Kurkure Now Manufactured & Sold In Canada

India’s number one salty snack—Kurkure—will now be manufactured in Canada as well. Kurkure is now being manufactured and sold fresh in Canada by PepsiCo Foods. This is the first time Kurkure snacks are being manufactured in North America.

Kurkure a crunchy, salty snack redefined India`s snack landscape to become the most loved snack there. Its growing popularity has also spurred demand for the product in South Asian communities abroad.

Praveen Someshwar, CEO, Foods, PepsiCo India says “Kurkure is one of the most successful innovations for PepsiCo India. We are proud that the brand has grown to a status that transcends borders. Now our Canadian fans can enjoy made Kurkure that offers the great taste of our India-made product.”

The recipe for the Canadian-made Kurkure was developed in close partnership with India and offers Canadian fans a great-tasting product that is always guaranteed fresh tasting and locally-made. The brand and marketing strategy for Kurkure in Canada will be led by the Canadian PepsiCo Foods marketing team.

As it’s commonly known, the South Asian population is growing exponentially in Canada, specifically in cities like Toronto & Vancouver where one quarter of Canadians are of Asian or South Asian descent*. This group has extensively influenced the Canadian food industry, swaying grocery manufacturers and retailers to develop and offer products tailored to their taste preferences.

“The decision to bring the Kurkure brand to Canada is a great example of PepsiCo Canada tapping into our global network to bring authentic products that appeal to diverse consumer communities in Canada”, says Ian Adler, Senior Director of Marketing for PepsiCo Foods Canada. “By making Kurkure in Canada, we can ensure Canadian consumers have access to a fresh and authentic Kurkure experience.”

Available at a suggested retail price of $0.99† per 115g bag, Kurkure snacks are a great social snack with a spicy flare inspired by authentic Indian spices.

To ensure Canadian Kurkure fans are getting the freshest experience possible, they should look for special packaging identifiers to help distinguish between guaranteed fresh Canadian product and aged imported product found at small or independent retailers:
• “Guaranteed Fresh” banner on the top left corner of the bag
• “Guaranteed Fresh Until” stamp & date on the middle left side of the bag
• PepsiCo Canada logo on reverse of bag