Assassination attempt on Punjabi radio CEO Ashiana Khan in Surrey

Ashiana Khan

THE VOICE has learned that shots were fired at a Punjabi radio CEO late Saturday night while she was driving in Surrey near 176th Street and Fraser Highway.

Ashiana Khan was driving alone when someone in a vehicle fired several shots at her. Some of the bullets just missed her. She called 911 and police arrived on the scene, blocked the section of the area and gathered evidence. They also towed her vehicle away for forensic investigation.

Khan is the CEO of Media Waves Communications that operates internet-based talk shows and other programs out of Surrey. She had been handling many controversial talk shows that seemed to have angered some powerful people in the community.

Khan defiantly told The VOICE late Sunday night that the attackers were cowards and said she was not going to get intimidated. She was quite shaken up earlier on Sunday but said that she was now feeling much better and would continue with her shows.

She refused to divulge more information, saying that the RCMP would release all that on Monday or whenever they thought it was appropriate.

When The VOICE contacted the RCMP Watch Commander on Sunday, I was told by the operator that he “does not have a press release” on the incident and to contact media relations on Monday. Asked if he was saying that the incident didn’t happen, the operator said that she didn’t say that, but asked me to wait until Monday.