B.C. Coroners Service says comprehensive investigation ongoing into deaths of Peter Khurana and wife Julie Cox  


THE BC Coroners Service in a statement on Friday said that it would like to reassure the public that a comprehensive investigation is being conducted into the deaths of Peter Khurana and his spouse Julie Cox which occurred in Saanich on April 21.

The BC Coroners Service investigates all deaths of unknown cause and all unnatural deaths in the province, including all accidents, suicides and homicides, to establish the circumstances of the deaths for the public record and to make recommendations, where warranted, to prevent similar deaths in the future.

The bodies of Khurana and Cox were found in their home on Cordova Bay Road in the early morning hours of April 21 after the Saanich Fire Department had been called to the address for the report of a house fire.

Investigation by Saanich Police, the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit (VIIMCU) and the BC Coroners Service confirmed the identity of the two deceased, and that the deaths were the result of a homicide-suicide related to domestic violence.

It is the mandate of the BC Coroners Service to establish the identity of the deceased and to determine when, where, how and by what means death occurred. In this present case, because both individuals were deceased and there would be no criminal charges, the police quite rightly concluded their investigation and provided no further public comment.

“Coroners Service investigations are independent, impartial and comprehensive,” said Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe. In all such cases, the coroner will examine any history of previous involvement by police, the courts, corrections or other agencies to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding the deaths and to determine whether there are recommendations that may be made to prevent future deaths in similar circumstances.

The coroner’s investigation will be concluded by either a public coroner’s report, or if considered appropriate, a coroner’s inquest. “While I understand the public’s desire to know all of the facts immediately, experience has shown that careful review of the history and circumstances is necessary to ensure all issues are identified and appropriately addressed,” said Lapointe. “This will take place over the next few months.”