B.C. Green Party opens nominations across province

B.C. Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau announced on Tuesday that the party has opened nominations across the province for the next election.

While the next election is scheduled for October 2024 by law, the party will be prepared for a snap election.

“I am excited to be announcing that nominations are now open to be a B.C. Green candidate in the next election,” Furstenau said. “I sincerely hope that Premier Eby follows the law and sees through the full term of this parliament. He has given me his personal assurance that the next time voters go to the ballot box, it will be in October 2024. Nevertheless, it is our job as a party to be ready for anything, so we will be prepared for a snap election should that come to pass.

“MLA Adam Olsen and I have worked very hard to push the government forward on many files. But there is only so much two MLAs can do. To achieve even bigger results, we need more B.C. Greens in the legislature.

“I am inviting community leaders across this province to step forward. We are building a team of change-makers that can make a real difference for our universal healthcare system, addressing the housing crisis, and moving on real climate action. B.C. needs your voices now more than ever. We will show BC that progressive action is possible with the BC Greens.

“The party has been focused on recruiting candidates and raising money for the past two years. Our capacity has grown bigger than ever before and we are ready to take things to the next level for whenever the next election occurs.”

Nominations are for the current riding boundaries, however, the party is working with local communities and applicants to ensure a smooth and democratic transition to new riding boundaries should they come into force before the next election.

Anyone interested in applying to run with the B.C. Greens can visit https://www.bcgreens.ca/apply_to_be_a_candidate_2022 for more information.