B.C. Liberals: Horgan payoff costs Kicking Horse Pass

BC Liberal candidate Doug Clovechok on Saturday said BC NDP Leader John Horgan’s payoff to his friends has been a costly one when it comes to Kicking Horse Canyon project construction.

“John Horgan added millions in costs to the construction of the highway, the budget has gone up 34 per cent, and all so he could pay off his buddies,” said Clovechok. “This is just insane and unnecessary. Taxpayers want someone to spend their money wisely, not as a personal ATM so they can treat their friends.”

The decision by Horgan to exclude 85 per cent of construction workers and only let his select few friends build the province’s infrastructure has significantly driven up costs. The original budget for the project was $450 million and under the NDP it has risen to more than $600 million.

“These deals don’t benefit communities, they hurt towns and force people to join a union if they want to work,” said Clovechok. “Men and women who want to help build our province should have that opportunity, and under the BC Liberals they will. They shouldn’t have to go hand-in-cap to John Horgan begging for work.”