B.C. Liberals: What’s next in Horgan’s “I Really Mean It This Time” tour?

THE B.C. Liberals on Wednesday pointed out that in Coquitlam on Tuesday, NDP Leader John Horgan promised to build a new school – the same promise he made in 2017.

They added: “Lately, it’s hard to believe him.

“And it’s becoming a bit of a pattern for John.

“He’s been to Terrace to re-announce a project. Duncan to re-announce a project. Maple Ridge to promise $10-a-day child care, again.

“Then there was the promise of a new Surrey hospital — which he’s made before but still hasn’t committed any money to.

“So why are we even having this election?

“Well, John likes the polls and power. It’s not about you.

“[B.C. Liberal Leader] Andrew Wilkinson has presented a plan to restore confidence and rebuild B.C.

“And as for John — he really means it this time. Really.”