Missing and disoriented senior found by off-duty special constable

ON September 25, New Westminster Police Special Constable Sheldon Frayle was driving home after finishing his shift. As he approached McBride and East Columbia he saw something that caused him concern. He saw what he believed to be a man lying in the bushes. Frayle called New Westminster Police and requested his colleagues check on the man.

“As a commercial vehicle inspector I’m looking for unsafe situations each day,” said Frayle. “In my gut I knew that man needed checking on. It didn’t seem right, so I called for help.”

Within minutes constables Faris, Heath, and Hildebrand approached the location where the man was last seen to find him walking in traffic and clearly disoriented.

“The senior was nearly hit by passing vehicles as he walked down the middle of the road,” said` Faris. “I was extremely concerned for this man’s safety and I knew I had to get him off the road as soon as possible.”

Once safely on the side of the road, Faris confirmed the identity of the man and found him to have been reported missing by his family in Burnaby. Faris drove the man to the New Westminster Police Department where he was made comfortable before being reunited with his family.

“My sincerest thanks to both Special Constable Frayle and the three constables who worked to ensure this man’s safety,” said Chief Constable Dave Jansen. “Sadly, lost and frightened seniors are something we respond to on a regular basis and I’m relieved that this instance had a happy ending and this man was reunited with his loved ones.”