B.C. Search and Rescue Association ask public to do their part to come home safe

THE British Columbia Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) represents 79 ground search and rescue groups across the province making up some 2,500 unpaid professional volunteers who average 1,700 responses a year.

During these fast-changing times where everyone is looking to maintain social distance but keep themselves busy, many are turning to BC’s great outdoors. BCSARA encourages you to enjoy what BC has to offer but would like to ask the public of BC to do their part to come home safe and follow these recommendations:

* Go with someone else but keep your groups small (family members) to maintain social distancing and tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

* Stick to familiar and safe trails.

* Plan extra time to get back with plenty of daylight.

* Remember, it is still winter out here with lots of snow on the ground, wear appropriate footwear and clothes.

* Plan your trip using AdventureSmart’s 3Ts  Trip Plan, Train and Take Essentials (https://www.adventuresmart.ca/tripplanning/planning.htm)

* Load the Trip Plan App on your phone to help you plan and remain safe: (https://www.adventuresmart.ca/tripplan.htm)

* If you do get lost, in trouble or hurt call 911 and let the operator know if you believe you may have been exposed to coronavirus so BCSARA can ensure rescuers are protected

If everyone takes these precautions, not only can you have an enjoyable, healthy and safe trip outdoors but BC’s search and rescue volunteers will be ready to assist others if needed.


  1. Load a copy of your virus test results on your phone so if you are dumb enough to get yourself in trouble, S & R will be able to ignore those without a virus clearance.

    Don’t be so self -entitled that you leave home, get into trouble and expect others to risk themselves and maybe spend thousands in helicopter costs just to make up for your ignorance and stupidity. There should be a minimum charge for S & R and a lot more if it involves a costly helicopter and amazingly skilled pilots.

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